Sculptures by the sea

Just to clarify for those who did not go to the exhibition: Sculptures By The Sea. The picture of the little boy is not a real human being, but a sculpture. It was one of the best in the exhibition. The detail on the eyes and hair was remarkable. The actual statue is about 1.8m high. Many people were standing next to it and having their picture taken. It was the stand out entry in the exhibition this year. The expression on the face of the child was captured brilliantly. In my picture it is very hard to tell the size of the statue or whether it is a real person or not.

Funny Photos frm Ian’s BBQ

The original photos I took at Ian’s BBQ in  September have been used along with photo templates to produce amusing characters. I thought it appropriate to put Ian in a devil template because it had a pitch fork that reminded me of him at the BBQ. Then I tried everyone else in the template and they looked good in them too, so I’ve added them to the collection.  Tongue out

Doctor Who Disaster

Doctor Who disaster






After all these decades, the BBC has finally allotted the type of budget that a science fiction show needs to compete on the world stage, to the Dr Who program. Too bad they didn’t cast actors that could actually deliver their lines without fluffing them. The list of amateur mistakes that some of the new actors in the Dr Who cast have made are mind boggling. On many occasions they have shouted their lines with such passion as to make them unintelligible to the average listener. Further, they have spoken them too fast and with such a low volume as to make them inaudible to the listener, thus making the plot hard to follow.

A case in point was the first choice for the new doctor. He spoke his lines too fast. He was such a smart allec with the background information about the Doctor in the first few episodes, that you could hardly hear or follow the plot. And even when you did, his personality was so irritating; it detracted from the whole attraction of the science fiction series. How many cups of coffee did that actor have before each ‘take’? Rarely was this a problem with the old series, over the decades. This audio problem was not picked up by the director or audio people, or it was not corrected. This seriously hampered the plot exposition and the overall enjoyment of each episode. In fact, the episodes were annoying to watch for the average fan, even though they loved Dr Who and wanted to like this new expensive version.

As for the travelling companions, they have been abysmally ugly. They have included middle aged nobody plain faced, unphotogenic housewives to the equally appalling bloated Billy Piper. In the tradional series, the Doctors companions were, on many occasions far more attractive and even sexy. This selling point was obviously overlooked and ignored, in the new series, apart from a few guest appearances by glamorous stars like Kylie Minogue. The inclusion of boring people like house wives/middle aged women tend to diminish the appeal of the program by turning it into an ordinary soap opera like Neighbours or Coronation Street, which is where these boring types of people belong and not in a science fiction show.

There seems to be an obvious attempt at including minorities like darker skinned people, just to show how politically correct Britain is in the 21st century. Further, there is the irritating inclusion of feminists crap by some of the female characters. Keep this garbage for the soap operas–Dr Who is a science fiction show! But the crap festival doesn’t end there. Some of the villains are muscular and macho females that are sickening to watch, just as much as Angelina Jollie is in the Lara Croft series of films and other associated feminist crap coming out of Hollywood.

I have, no doubt figured out why boring old housewives were included. It is because the producer is one, at least in appearance. No doubt she or some other old fart cast these types in the earlier episodes. Stick to Coronation Street and stay out of Science Fiction. That’s why it has been useful to see behind the scenes on these new episodes. It gives you an idea who is making the stupid decisions. Remember, television is an entertainment medium–therefore get off the telly if you haven’t got the talent! The audience doesn’t have to watch you if they find it boring, dull, pathetic and turning into a 3rd rate soap opera just because the producer or some other decision maker decided to cast some characters to spout feminist propaganda. Until the show gets some genuinely sexy mainstream females as the Doctor’s companions, you all can just about say goodbye to the series running for a long time. The huge budget, computer generated graphics and plot creativity isn’t going to be enough to save the show.

It was to be expected that a great deal of the plots would revolve around England, but the dominant ego-centric, British-centric emphasis is just too nauseating to stomach. There has been some attempt to set some episodes in outer space and fictional locations but the constant return to England is becoming a little small minded and too repetitive. To add more variety and appeal, the locales have to become more global. This will add spice to the overall appearance of the episodes. In addition, by including various exotic locations around the world, you will engage the local inhabitants (viewers) of that particular country which inturn will boost sales in these locations. At the moment it just seems the show is bogged down in boring old Britain.

These have been the major blunders committed on the new series, but there have been outstanding successes. The design of the interior of the Tardis is magnificent. The construction and artistic vision have truly been worthy of the show. David Tennant is a good Doctor. He is very photogenic. So let’s see him with an equally photogenic female. Or are all the females in Britain bloated blubber like Billy Piper? The scripts have been imaginative. The computer generated scenes are astounding and spectacular. Behind the scenes crew have produced a really top class visual audio presentation. The only thing letting down the show are the executive decisions made about female characters and dialogue inclusions that don’t need to be there, in order for the plot to unfold i.e. feminist propaganda.