Problems with opening Ian’s Funny Photos BBQ

I have now converted all of the Funny Photos from Ian’s BBQ into JPEG files. These can easily be opened by Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Media Centre. Sorry about that problem. You would have been able to view them on Windows Live Space( but they probably would not have opened without the necessary program from Arcsoft, after you downloaded them to your computer. In future I will make sure that I convert all photos to JPG Files, to enable easy opening on your home computer. I may have given some people the mistaken idea that I was on MYSpace. That is wrong. Sorry about that. I am on Microsoft’s Windows Live Space. The two sites are different but use the same word-Space-in their names. It is so easy to confuse the two sites. I was confused and not sure that the two social diary sites were different.
Please enjoy these humourous photo manipulation as they are of high quality templates from Arcsoft. The file size is large, so you can make large prints from them if you desire, or use them as a background on your home computer.