Australia Day 26 January 2010

Usually, I don’t do anything special for Australia Day, but this year I decided to get into the swing of it all and travelled into the city on a humid, steamy hot day, to view the vintage and veterans cars, being displayed in Macquarie Street. This gathering of old cars is quite unique in Australia. It is organised by the NRMA each year. Normally you don’t get to see such a wide variety of types and ages, but practically every variant of car is on show. I took still pictures and movies of the cars that interested me the most. There were even sections of the show which I never looked at due to my weary legs and exhaution from the humid conditions on the day. The car show is very popular with all age groups, with plenty of people taking pictures to capture the yearly event. One of the oldest cars was a 1904 car on display in Martin place. Another highlight was an electric car built by the Detroit Electric Company. All cars were magnificently presented.       Party    Camera