Funny Rover Photos 2

I have decided to start a new album, for more of these Funny Rover Photos. It is titled Funny Rover Photos 2. The other album was getting too big. Depending on how many I create in the future, I will be subdividing them into albums of about 50 pictures each.
Some of these templates make a departure from earlier ones because they are made from photos downloaded from the web and worked on by me. Thus, I have more control over the funny template types. The pirate one is a picture of Mr Bean from Pirates of the Carribean 3. Please enjoy these humorous photos , as I have a good giggle making them. If you want better ones, then send me a good head shot at: and I will redo any pictures that were blurry or didn’t come out satisfactorily. If there are special ones you want, please specify in your email, to me, what you would like and I will try and create it.    Camera   Tongue out

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