Additions to Rover Funny Photos. Iain’s Story

It has been some time since I added some photos to this album. The latest additions are ones with people’s faces superimposed onto a chimpanzee’s body. I achieved this by the use of Arcsoft’s latest Print Creation Software. It allows you to turn any decent photo into a Template to produce a funny result.
I include one example to show how funny it is. I call this one:
                                                          Iain, The Missing Link
                              THE STORY OF IAIN, THE CHIMPANZEE
One day the Miranda Rover Crew went to the zoo. There was a very friendly chimpanzee there which we decided to adopt as our crew mascot. He liked us so much, that he followed us home. We kept him and taught him how to talk, go to the toilet, dress and drive a car. We decided to call him Iain. As a nickname, we called him ET.
Iain even learned to play the harmonica quite well. We decided to shave alot of his hair off, so that he would look more like a human. However, he did develop a few bad habits. He would smoke a bit and snore very loudly. Every so often, his tail would grow back so we just chopped it off with a hedge trimmer.

Doctor Who complaint

The last season of Dr Who was so annoying in parts that I felt compelled to complain directly to the BBC about it. After finding the appropriate web address, I sent off a letter. It took some time to get a response but I did get one. Here it is printed in its entirety.

Response from the BBC


  |   Date: 23 July 2010 07:40:21 AM


Peter Warr<>

Dear Mr Warr

Reference 139533

Thanks for your e-mail about ���Doctor Who��� which you sent to us some time ago. We apologise for the very severe delay in replying. It was due to a major fault in our systems which meant that our reply wasn���t sent when you first contacted us. However we can reassure you that at the time, the points in your e-mail were included on the BBC���s audience log.

I understand you feel the latest actor to play ���Doctor Who��� has to be one of the worst as he constantly rushed his lines which results in the viewing and listening audience unable to make out what he is saying at times. I also note your concerns with the current ���Doctor Who��� scripts as you believe the show seems to be turning into a three person love triangle plot, instead of sticking primarily to a science fiction theme.

We appreciate your concern and while I realise that you feel Matt has been a poor choice, we realise that the range of tastes and opinions held by our audience is so diverse that it���s inevitable some viewers will dislike or disapprove of certain actors. It���s a very rare TV personality who meets with everyone���s approval, and it���s clear that opinions on individual presenters can vary considerably.

We believe the show has survived and kept its quality for so many years precisely because, unlike any other show in television it���s able to change not just its leading actor but everything that surrounds him. The character, his aims and his adventures primarily stay the same though. Sometimes change is difficult to like initially and we’re sorry if you feel anxious about it but given time we hope you will be as excited by the new Doctor and his adventures as we are.

Matt has been appointed on the basis of his experience and talent, but judgements are often subjective and we would never expect everyone to agree with every choice we make.

I would like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

Please again accept our apologies for the unfortunate delay and thanks for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Dunlop

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Carolyn’s 2010 Xmas Party in July

Carolyn had another Xmas party in July on the 25 th. This time I took photos of Carolyn because I didn’t get any last year. I think the three that I took turned out well. They are in the Photo section under the album title of: Carolyn’s 2010 Xmas Party in July .
There are only three because I didn’t know any one else there. No one else from the SALVO STORE  turned up. Anyway, those that didn’t come to the party didn’t get any chocolates and all those at the party ate your share.
It wasn’t as cold as last year. The numbers were made up mainly of The Bull’s relatives and friends.

Additions to Funny Rover Photos 2

I spent so much time and effort making funny pictures of everyone in the old Miranda Rover crew, I didn’t bother to make a few embarrassing ones of myself. So to rectify that omission, I have uploaded a few embarrassing pictures of me to FUNNY ROVER PHOTOS 2.
I have added a direct link to my windows Photos site to allow easier access to this album. Just click on the highlighted text.
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