Additions to Rover Funny Photos. Iain’s Story

It has been some time since I added some photos to this album. The latest additions are ones with people’s faces superimposed onto a chimpanzee’s body. I achieved this by the use of Arcsoft’s latest Print Creation Software. It allows you to turn any decent photo into a Template to produce a funny result.
I include one example to show how funny it is. I call this one:
                                                          Iain, The Missing Link
                              THE STORY OF IAIN, THE CHIMPANZEE
One day the Miranda Rover Crew went to the zoo. There was a very friendly chimpanzee there which we decided to adopt as our crew mascot. He liked us so much, that he followed us home. We kept him and taught him how to talk, go to the toilet, dress and drive a car. We decided to call him Iain. As a nickname, we called him ET.
Iain even learned to play the harmonica quite well. We decided to shave alot of his hair off, so that he would look more like a human. However, he did develop a few bad habits. He would smoke a bit and snore very loudly. Every so often, his tail would grow back so we just chopped it off with a hedge trimmer.

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