Central Australia Tour 1975 Endeavour High School, Caringbah

Way back in 1975, a bus load of students from Endeavour High School embarked on a Central Australian tour. I was fortunate enough to be trusted with the School’s movie camera. I filmed about ten minutes worth of footage. Years later, I transferred it to video tape and included a background music track along with a narration. Finally, I recorded it on a DVD, using my computer. I have given two copies to Lee-Anne Mapstone(Drummond). Lee-Anne is going to make more copies and distribute them to as many people as she can get in contact with. The film is ten minutes long and 695MB in size. It is too big to upload to most sites and uses too many megabytes to download to your home computer.

If you get in contact with me, I may be able to post out a copy to your postal address. I have uploaded a few pictures I took of the Tour to my web page. However, the movie is a lot more interesting. I regret not filming more people who were on the trip. I filmed as many as I could. I mainly concentrated on the sites rather than people’s faces and activities. I was still learning about home movies at the time. If you have photos from that trip, please share them with others from that trip. You could send them to me via email, or post them on your web page and tell us your address.

My email address is:             peterclivewarr@hotmail.com

My Web Page Address is:  http://peterwarr.spaces.live.com      and     https://peterclivewarr.wordpress.com

My phone number: 041071478

I really should have done something about this film years ago, but I did not think it important enough to edited it and distribute the final result to everyone. It would have been hard to track a lot of people down without the Internet and Social Networking sites.

Also, included with the film is a short film on the Endeavour High School Swimming Carnival 1976 at San Souci pool.


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