The two major federal political parties have one very significant feature in common—they both have leaders that were extremely weak, insipid and wafflely. It is unbelievable that major political parties chose such people. However there is a sneaky reason why they do such a thing. They feel people like Tony Abbot and Julia Gillard are more in tune with the average voter, than some of the more objectionable  politicians in their parties. Some of the existing people that stink up Australian Federal politics are as follows: Peter Costello ( Arrogant, smug, verbal bully, former Uni long haired ‘hippie’ self professed Christian, crawler to the Hill Song Mesmerised Cult(Liberal) ; Peter Garret (Eco–twit; part time Minister for Green Stimulus projects not fully supervised; weak attempts at saving whale populations in International waters(Labor).

Tony Abbot was a bumbling minister in the former John Howard(time-warp 1950s) federal government. He stumbled his way through a few important ministries, causing a great deal of pain to many due to policy ideas he concocted or agreed to in cabinet sessions. His infamous one being Workchoices. A policy which single handedly cost the Liberal—National party Coalition the last Federal election, under John Howard. Those smug Liberals were so out of touch with people who were struggling with difficult employers that they couldn’t see how inhumane the policies were to defenceless individual employees. Workchoices is so inextricably bound up with traditional Liberal big business policy ideas which the liberals will never change their viewpoint on.

Whilst Julia Gillard was just as guilty of incompetent policy making. She was involved in cabinet decisions whilst a member of the Kevin Rudd government. The most infamous being the opening up of Australia’s borders to refugee asylum seekers. The boats are coming in so regularly—its like they are on a flight schedule at the International airport. This is a ridiculous state of affairs for Australia. The present Federal Labor government has already committed us to a huge spending program. We can not afford to spend any more money on people trying to push their way into Australia. They are not even Australian citizens at the moment—so why spend money on them. Bugger the UN refugee agreement !!! The welfare of existing of Australians is paramount. When the Federal government has eliminated homelessness, poverty, and crime here on our soil, then it can turn its attention to overseas matters and use our taxpayer’s dollars.

On the question of refugees, Tony Abbot is equally stupid. This big eared twit had the stupid idea of going to the existing refugee camps and increasing the refugee intake that Australia would accept each year. Oh yes, he might stop the boats—they simply are going to be diverted to Naru, but eventually these pushy refugees are going to be processed and granted the right to stay permanently in Australia. Once again this will place an enormous burden on the government to finance these people on welfare. They will clog up our hospitals, schools, streets, public housing, shopping centers—in fact—everywhere.

Both these so called leaders are do gooder idiots.


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