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Some journalists have been criticising Julia Gillard and the Labor party for the way Kevin Rudd was thrown out of the Leadership position. He had it coming and these are the reasons why.
Early on, in his moronic dictatorship of the Australian nation, he wasted valuable Federal parliament time saying sorry to the Australian Aborigines. Well, what can anyone do with a great big bloody useless — ‘ SORRY ‘ ? ?  It was the most stomach turning pile of Christian, useless, humanitarian, good-for- nothing garbage. The aborigines don’t need a big SORRY. They need to be brought out of the stone age and intergrated into 21st Century Australia. They need land that isn’t their ancestral red dust bowls, so that they can grow crops to be self sufficeint, if that’s the way they want to live. Or alternatively, they need to be separated from their half twit elders and to see themselves as part of the wider Australian population. A population that isn’t going to stupidly hand back vast tracts of land to whinging stone age people, with flies hanging off their snot encrusted nostrils. But the Aboriginal question is a whole massive project in itself. It is mentioned  only to show the complete ineptitude of Kevin Rudd. It was obvious that he was only politically grand standing in the Federal parliament —  a favourite technique of the political windbag of yesteryear and typical of Christian politicians.
Kevin  Rudd ousted Kim Beasley, who never would have wasted so much time on a useless SORRY. So why is Kevin crying because he got ousted as well. It’s obvious that Rudd saw his Prime Ministership as a Kingship. Too much of the decision making was left to him, or he dominated the cabinet room too much. Or perhaps the other Labor ministers were so mesmerised by the great Leader, they thought he could always be trusted with new policies. Surely some of them realised the moronic stupidity of giving the aborigines a national SORRY. Just because these nong heads wanted one, doesn’t mean you have to cave into such a humble submission. But being a Christian, Kevin Rudd was so brain washed by ideas of humbleness and humility, that he allowed his Christian personality to contaminate Federal policy. He spent so much time on this usless APOLOGY, why didn’t he and Peter Garret (and other Labor politicians) spend more time on framing the Home Insulation guidelines and policies to ensure work safety and minimising fraudulant claims from insulation companies.
Next major stuff up was the handing out of money to people who were in Australia for just a year or so, then they went back overseas. Rudd completely ignored pensioners and the unemployed who hadn’t worked in a paying job for that particular financial year. But they had worked on ‘ Work For The Dole Schemes ‘ which they were not paid directly by the employer, but by general revenue from the Federal parliament. Rudd and his close bunch of Yes people, sent vast amounts of money overseas to stimulate other country’s economies, instead of it stimulating this country. No other country in the world made such a stuff up as this. He was copying John Howard’s WORK ETHIC and reward for hard work slogan. People can not help it if their country can not adequately employ them for long periods of time in a decent job. But tens of thousands, in fact hundreds of thousands of people were insulted and ignored by Kevin Bloody hard-working Rudd — who was so hard at it, composing his magnificent opus, the great  APOLOOGY to the forgotten, snot riddled aboriginal people.
I am not going to chronologically list Rudd’s blunders accurately. I will go from one to the other as the mood dictates.
I don’t care about the massive deficit. America doesn’t worry about its even bigger deficit. What people do really care about are sloppy policies and half baked attention to detail by a Federal Government, dishing out vast amounts of money. Not that Tony Abbot would be any better. He would have sat on his hands, just like the politicians of the early 1930’s, who couldn’t get their heads around the idea of deficit budgets. Don’t worry Tony–why don’t you go back to bird smuggling or modeling for the seniors beach wear parades. What a GOINK IS THAT BIG EARED NERD. If Kevin’s faults were that he was too loose with money and guidelines, Tony Abbot would have been too tight sphinctered with tax payers money.
With Kevin Rudd, it was one disaster after another. He had no sooner diverted stimulus money overseas, than he wanted to borrow more money to build the National Broadband Network. I think the NBN should be built. Many people from all sides of politics would like to see such a modern technological project get under way. But he hasn’t cleaned up his mess from the Home Insulation stuff up. Are they ever going to go after all the fraudulant companies that lodged bogus invoices for insulation installations that weren’t actually done? You can’t run a country with such a corrupt state of affairs. He embarrassed Australia nationally and internationally. But in his opinion, he is an international statesman because he can talk to the Chinnese in their own language. Big deal !! Forget about his linguistic ability with the Mandarin language. What about the abillity to run the nation’s accounts honestly and not hand out money to fraudsters ??!!
You would some times hear him use the phrase — “cross all the t s and dot all the i s” come out of his mouth. It is obvious he was only fooling the Australian people. Why haven’t they gone after all this money? They have run down poor unemployed people for over the limit unemployment payments. Why can’t they track down as much of this money as possible? They just don’ t have the polictical will, or is it that some of the recipients were cronies of theirs who were in on the scam from the outset. They sucked out as much Federal tax payers funds as quickly as possible, and Rudd just made it look as if it was a case of fraudulant claims. Australia was made to look like a banana republic again. A massive affect of the stimulus was lost to greedy individuals, who seem to have vanished into the night and off the front pages of major newspapers ( and nightly television news programs), simply because the story is old and boring.
Kevin Rudd is a very perculiar person. Early on, in his term of offfice, he praised the Liberal opposition, people like Peter Costello, and others — despite the fact that the people of Australia had ousted this Christian in the last election. He also awarded a prime government position to another Christian Federal politician ( a big nobody — Bruce Baird ). Bruce Baird’s most infamous blunder was allowing 5,000 or more Sudaneese into Australia and then retiring on his Federal Government pension, for most of the time, and leaving the mess of acclimatising and integrating these people into Australia, to everyone else. Not to mention the huge drain on public resources and tax payers money. I didn’t hear enough up roar about this issue in main stream media back then. Too many journalists were afraid to speak out, for fear of loosing their jobs because of the big bully Liberal Christians, who don’t accept any criticism of their humanitarian policies.This was extraordinary behaviour, for the leader of the Federal Labor party. Never in Australia’s history had such cross political appointments taken place at the Federal Canberra level. And why ?? — the recipients were all Christians. How dare Rudd insult his party, praise the legislators of Work Choices and ignore the talent on his side of politics and award appointments, based on religious criteria. He really was a biblical king — a dictator of old, masquarading under the guise of a democratic veneer.
In addition to the massive amount of effort put into the Sorry Apology, Rudd also put alot of attention into his Carbon Emmission Scheme. Why does it have to be so complicated — just legislate against big polluters and big bussiness. He just made out he was working so hard —  that’s all !  I am so sick of hearing about this great concoction of his that seems so complex. Politicians have been promising action on pollution for decades. Some progress has been made, but more, in all spheres of industry has yet to be initiated. The trouble with the insulation idea was that it created lousey jobs, for those who had to retro-fit the batts into the ceiling space. No schemes were announced to promote the electric car. That would have been too radical and fantastic — too imaginative. Far better to stick with hard work and dangerous working conditions which killed a few unsuspecting workers. Kevin — are you really sorry about that stuff up ?? Not that Tony Abbot would have done anything — once again — no surprises there. He probably would have been too afraid of offending the big car manufacturers and oil companies. We don’t have to agree with the Kyoto Protocol or get all the other countries of the world to agree to carbon emissions levels at some big world wide summit. These are all time wasting and fart gas affairs designed to look as if governments of the world are doing something about pollution. And lets start using that general term again. It came out decades ago, so why use some other fancy, specialised term when there is hardly much movemnet on reducing the pollution levels around the world. Kevin Rudd didn’t fail at the Carbon Emissions world wide summit. That is just a piece of misinformation put out by the Liberal Party sympathetic media ( Derrrrr…where’s the pollution ?? ), populated by biased journalists. The world failed to do anything significant about pollution levels, especially China and India. So if there is any failure to talk about, lets talk about the failure of China and India to propose anything useful– not Kevin Rudd, who at least had some sort of plan and sincere intentions. As opposed to ‘sit on your hands’ and do nothing Tony Abbot .
But back to Rudd’s failures that are genuine. Rudd had the nerve also to give stimulus payments to the the wealthy, whilst ignoring pensioners and the unemployed. The wealthy hardly needed an extra $900. It hardly makes an impression on some affluent people’s  budgets. But that $900 would have made a big difference to penisoners and the unemployed. He truly was not a real Labor prime minister of the Ben Chifley type who believed more in social welfare and assisting the low income. However, there was no real outcry from the wealthy about this. Any extra money shoved into their bloated bank accounts was seen as fare, despite that it deprived the more deserving of valuable cash. 
One of his biggest stuff ups was the opening up of Australia’s borders to these pushy, phoney refugees, who seem to have enough money to buy a position on one of these boats, but still try to convince us that they are desperate. It isn’t very hard to stop these refugees. Just opt out of the United Nations Refugee Agreement and start concentrating on the social problems of Australia instead. And once again, why did he do it ? It’s because is a card carrying Christian, who turns his back on Australian problems, simply to big name himself on the international scene and deal with the massive population numbers of dumb countries throughout the world. The various religions in Australia have allowed or encouraged the growth of populations in these dumb nations of the world ( through their missionary work) and are attempting to convince us that we should help them. They got themselves into this over population situation because of their stupid religious beliefs and culture. It’s their problem and nothing to do with Australia. Over the decades, the UN has also done very little to curb the population growth in dumb nations.
Rudd’s so called Mining Tax isn’t really the issue facing Australia’s future. It is the issue of clawing back our manufacturing industry that has been sold off to the Chinnese in China. It is a very dangerous state of affairs to have this one nation doing so much manufacturing of products we can easily do here. Too much control and prestige, not to mention money is flowing out of Australia and into China’s reserves of Australian Dollars. This isn’t only Australia’s problem and biggest dilemma, it is the world’s problem. The people who are really benefiting are miners who are forced into the outback to mine iron ore. The extra jobs created in that sector have been at the expense of jobs in our manufacturing sector, in country communities and urban industrial estates.The Chinnese are industrialising far too rapidly. Not enough money is going to be kept in Australia. Industrial pride and expertise is being exported to China. This also causes slave labour situations in China and hardship for their non-unionised population. If Rudd was really so worried about the rise of carbon emissions, he would not have allowed China to grow at the expense of the Australian Manufacturing Industries. If we can get the work force to manufacture an item here, then it should be made in Australia and only quota levels of the same Chinnese product should be allowed into Australia. It should be governed by the amount of raw materials they have purchased from us and by the number of Australian companies interested in manufacturing that specific item. But the number of Chineese products should not out number the quantity of Australian products for that particular item. This isn’t just Rudd’s blunder, it goes back to Whitlam’s Waco idea of how to rearrange the Australian economic system. These are massive stuff ups inherited from previous Federal governments over the last thirty years. They have caused the problem of continual unemployment at the 500,000 level, which has never been eliminated. 
There was one main reason Kevin Rudd was voted into the office of Prime Minister in 2007–it was his stand against Tony Abbott’s and John Howard’s Work Choices new slavery legislation. This was the only truly decent thing Rudd stood for and managed to achieved. He obviously had others behind the scenes helping with the dismantling of Work Choices and drafting of a relatively fairer system to employees. This was the great achievment of the Rudd Labor Government. Then things went wrong. His stupid indulgence to the aboriginal people was a totally uneconomic matter and wasted valuable time. It seems that all the inner circle people were just as sloppy as he was–or so they appear. Once again it was his religious ideas that stuffed up the implementation of the various schemes to come. Being a card carrying Raving Christian, he thinks he, as a mere human, just has to do so much and the rest will taken care of by God. Obviously not. Left up to their own honour, the human race is a bunch of greedy self centered small minded cretins.  To add further problems to the mix, some of these insulation companies are run by small business Liberals who obviously wanted to make Labor look incompetent with the distribution of money for subsidies on the insulation batts. It also demonstrated the uselessness Of Peter Garret. He continually blamed his advisors and those under him. Were they also disguised Liberal sympathsiers and voters or was he liaring. Somewhere amongt this mess, Garret also had a ‘GIG’ at the Opera House, singing his crap from the old days of Midnight Oil. His energies were not devoted solely on this great and important task of insulatting homes across Australia. If there were not enough inpsectors, then Federal Labor should have called upon Stare Labor to utilise staff on the unattached list to do inspections. You don’t need to be all that specialised to inspect a roof cavity. And still these precious overpayed staff are doing nothing useful for the state of New South Wales or Australia.

The viewpoints expressed in this composition are those solely of the author — PETER  WARR . Any use of the analysis of the Kevin Rudd years 2007 — 2010, must be discussed with the author and due recognition given for my original analysis. Permission will be granted to use all or part, after notification of intention to utilise this composition.


This is a blog (composition) in progress. Stay connected to the Internet for more additions…
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