Far from being confused or indecisive, the Federal Election result is clear as a bright sunny day. The message to politicians is : the general public are not going to give you absolute power because politicians can not be trusted with it. And if the general public, as represented by the Independents and Greens don’t like a policy, it will be defeated, firstly in the House of Representatives, even before it gets to the Senate. And if politicians think they can lie to the general public during a political campaign, then change their stance (e.g. on the GST as John Howard did), it isn’t going to take three years to defeat the lousey policy. It wont make it out of the House of Representatives, to begin with. The only decent politicians in Canberra are the Independents. And if Julia Gillard wont budge on Tariffs, Catter should  refuse to make any deal with either the Liberals or Labor. We need Tariffs, subsidies and quotas to protect Australian industires. They are not an old and obsolete ideas. They are measures that are needed in a complex world. The power is with Bob Catter and the Independents; not Julia Gillard and Labor. It’s not up to Gillard  to dictate to Catter. Catter is the more responsible politician acting in the interests of all Australians. Gillard and Labor are the economic morons.

This election wasn’t about a swing away from Labor to the Liberal-National Coalition. It was about policies. Firstly, it was about the Boat people and other refugees. Most Australians don’t want them here. They don’t even want the ones that are here already !! I.E. the Sudanese. The general public are not going to tolerate Christian policies rammed down their throats by the  irresponsible Christian minority nong heads. Fanatical Christians are not going to dictate foreign policy and make Australia take in every desperate refugee that wants to come here. Labor’s policy on this issue is still the same as Rudd’s idiotic one. If Julia Gillard had changed it, Labor would have won the 2010 election, but not by a great margin. It would have been a slender margin. Some only voted for the Liberals because Tony Abbot was going to stop the boats. The boats would have been stopped, but the refugees were still going to be processed ( on Naru or other places) and allowed to push their way into Australia. Tony Abbot is only playing with words. The general public are sick of arrogant politicians ignoring what is responsible for Australia and over burdening us with the troubles of the world.

People were voting for the Liberals because they thought he was genuinely going to stop refugees. He was not going to stop them from eventually wealsing their way into Australia. And they were going to cost Australia more money in the long run because he was going to recruit them directly from the many refugees camps, in poor countries of the world. In fact, Abbot was going to increase the intake of legitimate refugees, in the hope of stemming the flow of illegal ones. Voters have made a swing to the Liberals based on a false assumption on their part. Tony Abbot is a raving twit head Christian and he is attempting to run Australian foreign policy based on religious ideas. Julia Gillard hasn’t got a clue and is still copying Rudd’s dictatorial religious policy on refugees. They are both sympathetic to these countries because those countries have over populated themselves according to religious ideas instead of controlling their huge populations. Stupid missionaries have been going there, over the years and converting them to Christainity, thus making them unpopular in their own country. Then they are persecuted and need to be rescued from religious discrimination. This was what happened with the Sudanese. Since when does World Vision doctrine run Australian foreign policies, but they have and look at the mess and the massive bill it has caused. No one voted World Vision into Government. World Vision and for that matter, the United Nations are to blame for failing to lower populations in these poor countries. Instead they constantly ask the general population of the world to help subsidise these primitive people. World Vision and the UN have caused this explosion in third world populations because they have done nothing constructive in these hell holes and have allowed these ignorant people to reproduce like rabbits and locusts.

They can’t even feed or house themselves and yet expect the industrialised, affluent and scientific nations of the world to come to their stupid aid. They don’t accept the modern idea of small family units, zero population growth or total birth control, then why should they expect any help from the advanced nations of the world. The only reason we are being burdened by this request is due to the Christian elements in our society and government that are attempting to confound us with the stupid results of religious philosophy on birth control. They also want to build up their following of church goers who are beholden to them for getting them out of their over populated hell hole of a nation. They are also going to use these people like modern day slaves in jobs in this country to undermine wages and conditions of the already existing Australian worker. Already migrants are doing pathetic jobs that existing Australians don’t want to do.

The other policy that the election pivoted around was the issue of Economic Stimulus — how much and what industries. Rudd, to his credit did get things moving and going. Never before had so much money been channelled into building school halls and other structures. Previously, under the John Howard Liberal Federal government, money was channelled into certain schools like private ones and marginal seat electorate areas. With Rudd, he just built everywhere. It is obvious that some of the so called mistakes were deliberately planned by builders who were secretly allied to the Liberal–National party Coalition. They just wanted to make Labor look bad. And of course the biased Liberal Party sympathetic media played up the stories well before the Federal Election was announced or Rudd was toppled from his dictatorship. What is surprising is that Rudd never bothered to defend himself on this issue or point to all the successes. The media also blew up the mistakes and blamed them on the Federal Labor Government. The general population was lucky to get so much building done in public government schools. We have never seen much done by the Liberals at the Federal level or state level, over the last two decades. This was also one of Rudd’s great achievements while in office. And if Tony Abbot had of been in power, nothing would have been done over those years from 2007 to 2010, because he would have been sitting on his hands, waiting for the pathetic free market and the useless stock market to solve the problems of the economy. The ridiculous errors that happened under the School building program ( I can’t stand that corny term Rudd used i.e. the Education revolution) could not have happened from sheer stupidity. They were the result of deliberate disruption of a wonderful program. Builders/contractors were overcharging and delivering smaller than needed or inappropriate structures, despite that the government was trying to help them out during a downturn in economic activity. Not enough blame, or any, has been focused on these real fraudsters, due to the bias of the Liberal Party sympathetic media.


The Liberal Party sympathetic media are a bunch of royalists. I can not believe that I see the headlines about the Kingmakers or making a King. Is this not a Democracy ? It’s not a Monarchy !! What is all this talk about King making. These journalists are warped and are attempting to condition the newspaper reader to the notion of a monarchical system. Clearly, we are not. Yet this terminology is used periodically by some journalists. Christians are conditioned to the idea of a monarchy because they feel that God talks through the monarch to the general population. So much of the Bible has monarchs and Kingdoms in it. They believe this is the way the world should be governed — i.e. by a King. This only supports my assertion that Christians are attempting to influence government policy, based on their studies of the Bible and religious philosophy in general, in particular, on birth control and population levels. John Howard is a Christian and a monarchist. So is Tony Abbot. Once again, the Church is interfering in the State and stuffing it up.

And this is why Kevin Rudd was tossed out. Rudd actually looked like and sounded like a priest of old, talking down to the people in a condescending and patronising manner. He really would have been more at home in priest’s robes than in a suit and tie. His whole personality stinks of a patronising Anglican minister. Many of his cross political appointments were based on religious similarities and sympathies. The Fish Fraternity ( fanatical Christians ) help each other out secretly sometimes and blatantly, as in Rudd‘s appointments. It finally just couldn’t be tolerated any more and he had to be stopped. Adios Kevin.



The viewpoints expressed in this composition are those solely of the author — PETER  WARR . Any use of the analysis of the election result must be discussed with the author and due recognition given for my original analysis. Permission will be granted to use all or part, after notification of intention to utilise this composition.






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