Snoopy flies into Sydney

Snoopy flies into the Global Gallery, Sydney, Paddington

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are some of the most well-known characters from Charles Shultz’s comic strip–Peanuts–that when an exhibition of some of the memorabilia and collectables are held, it well generate an attraction to those of all ages who are fans.

On the 15th of October, 2010, in Sydney, Paddington, at the Global, 5 Comber Street, Snoopy laid on his back again, atop of his flying red kennel, and enchanted people of all types with his smile. There were a few items with Charles Shultz’s signature on them. On the walls were large, framed comic strips displaying some of the iconic wisdom of the artist. The characters that are so simple in appearance have changed over the decades. There were a few time lines depicting the subtle and dramatic evolution of the drawings over the years. Many may not have realised Charlie Brown started off with a different shaped head to the one we are accustomed to seeing in later years of the Peanuts comic series and in the more advanced animated cartoon feature movies.

There was of course the obligatory soft toy snoopy. In one display case was a Peanuts chess set. Two of the most famous images in the Peanuts series–Snoopy’s dog house and the Pyschartrist’s kiosk were reproduced for people to take souvenir pictures.

Snoopy on top of red dog house

If you were one of the lucky ones into the gallery earlier in the day,  you may have been given one of the free media bags with Snoopy badges inside along with a brief history of the Peanuts comic strip. The bag itself will become a collector’s items, as it was extremely colourful and depicted Snoopy along with smaller drawings of all the Peanuts gang. The most treasured item would have to be the Snoopy key ring.

It was interesting to view this material. Perhaps some time in the future, a 3D version of a Charlie Brown feature length cartoon will be produced. Children and adults alike will no doubt will be entranced by being immersed in such a humourous fantasy world.

Classic Charlie Brown


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