Captain Cook Holds Onto His Pants in Sydney *** I now have trousers

Just recently, the CBD in Sydney, Australia, experienced a mammoth gust of antarctic cold. A freezing cold mass of air collided with a large hot air mass and created winds which were around the 60-80 km/h mark. Normally, this wouldn’t bother any of the many stone statues inhabiting the parks and street corners of Sydney, but some imaginative individuals created gigantic clothes for these stone cold sentinels.

Fortunately, Queen Victoria’s underpants did not end up flying into James Cook’s face.

Fat Queen Victoria holds onto underpants

This is of course a joke. Anyone who knows the layout of Sydney and the clothed statues would know the Frumpy is a long way from James Cook. There are many trees and associated obstacles to overcome before James would ever have to cop a granny pants in the face. The colours are extremely vivid. The original poses, make for amusing viewing in the 21st century.

The best one would have to be the Horse statue featuring some pretentious twit called Edward. You would think it had been clothed by a group of university students. The football socks reveal a sense of humour definitely needed on the cold streets of Sydney on the 16th/17th of October, 2010.

Some King called Edward


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