Ettingshausen Snow Job by NEW IDEA

How dumb does the editor at NEW  IDEA  think we the public are?! This magazine is currently running a television advertisement that seems to twist the whole disgusting Ettingshausen adultery affair all around and try to make us sympathetic to this gorilla faced bozo. The whole tone of the advertisement and the loving pictures of Ettingshausen seated below his adoring and slightly sad wife are truly tripple A bulldust. I am surprised she is even talking or wants to be seen with the arrogant womanizer and family breakup artist.

Ettingshausen is 50% of the cause of this disgusting affair with another team member and the other half of the blame goes to the woman of the poor man who was so heartbroken over the realisation of this terrible sneaky affair. The only one who deserves sympathy are the poor victims in this horrible affair and certainly not boof head Ettingshausen. But because Etting hausen is so famous and the other man is a virtual unknown, the New Idea has taken it upon itself to shield and twist the whole experience around and ask us to feel sorry for bonehead Ettingshausen. No way. This is the greatest piece of massive propaganda portrayed in some time by the main stream media, who think they can brainwash the public into forgetting just who was the perpetrator.

It seems the more society gives to these famous people– athletes– the more they take from ordinary other people. Ettingshausen is so much more wealthy than the poor male victim. He has his television show and the many endorsements of products with his boof head emblazoned on them. The question has to be asked–Did Ettingshausen pay the NEW IDEA to come up with this ridiculous angle and treatment on the affair. The more likely answer is she is demented and senile!


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