The great and omnipotent–Coca-Cola(AMATIL) is trying to pull a massive switch and deceive on the Australian public. Thank goodness the mainstream media picked up on it. Also, thank goodness an everyday person alerted ‘” CURRENT AFFAIR”, SYDNEY  AUSTRALIA  TO  THIS  MASSIVE  DECEPTION. The deception goes like this.

Instead of putting Australian made product into stores, it is importing Coca-Cola from Singapore. The Singapore product is inferior to the Australian product. It does not have as much bubbles(ie carbonation) as the Australian product. The labeling is so similar to the typical Coca-Cola product that it is very hard to tell the difference. Some people are also saying that the taste is different as well. How dare Coca-Cola import foreign product into Australian, when we already produce it here in sufficient quantity and quality. To minimise the fall-out, there was a cleverly worded  media release to “A Current Affair” that said the Singapore product may taste a little different, but there was no really big difference between  it and the  Australian product. Well the difference was big enough and detectable, for an average person to pick up on the difference and report it to “A Current Affair”. The only way to tell is to look on the label and you will see that it is made in Singapore.

For the first time in history, Coca-Cola could be heading downhill on a snow sled. Just like one of those you see in its famous Christmas time advertisements. But this time, it could be their credibility and eventually, their profits.  The general public is fed up with pathetic laws that allow companies to pull this type of deception and still get away with it. Laws and by-laws and regulations in  Australia are extremely weak and favour the big company. No doubt politicians are afraid to offend them and jeopardise valuable donations at election time.There can be no other reason for Coca-Cola doing this, than to put a cheaper product onto the shelves and get the public to buy it, all along thinking that they are getting the higher quality Australian product. Since the Singapore product does not have as much fizzy in it, therefore it is cheaper to manufacture. Coca-Cola therefore stands to make more profit. Also, wages are probably cheaper in Singapore and this also will add more to Coca-Cola’s profit.


I call for an immediate ban by all Australians of all Coca-Cola products, until the importation of Singapore product is halted. This goes also, for any other product imported into Australia that really doesn’t need to be imported.

The general public are growing tired of your boring taste–Coca-Cola(Amatil). We already have a number of alternative Cola products on the Australian market that could replace your useless product. And which probably don’t have as much sugar and caffeine in them as your product. Your product is not a great necessity in the average person’s shopping basket and people are seeking more interesting tastes instead of your old boring taste. And don’t think your Zero Coca-Cola or other versions are going to save you. Artificial sweeteners are all a failure, when it comes to the  taste test. They taste lousy and chemically. And that is something you can’t do anything about. Your bottled water label–Mount Franklin– is really just that –water. It tastes like water. In other words, it has no taste really. It is only a minority of the public that continue to buy an overpriced water containing product that just contains water and little else.


Pack up your bags Coca-Cola(Amatil) and head out of Australia. We really don’t need you!!



      • Twithead

        Your comment doesn’t make much sense. You seem to miss the point of the whole article — ie that Coke Australia was importing product into this country when we really don’t need it. I don’t drink alot of cok-acola anyway. I like agreat deal more choice in the shops than having the fridges jammed with Coke and diet coke and Mt Franklin bottles water( which is made by Coca-Cola).

    • You again, Dimwit

      The only thing that is patheic is your email address. Get off the line or I will report you to WordPress authorities. I don’t like swearing. You have no idea of what the article was about. If you can’t comment intelligently, thendon’t waste my time!!!

  1. it isn’t actually Coke who are importing the product. It is other importers, wholesalers and retailers importing them from other countries like the US, Singapore and malaysia

    • Thank you Chris for pointing that out. Sorry about the delay in replying but I have been busy with other matters.
      Other importers also import more exotic flavours that Coke-a-Cola Amatil did not make here in Australia. I am referring to the Grape Flavour that is imported into Australia, from Hong Kong. Just recently, the GRAPE Flavour Fanta appeared on shelves in Woolworth supermarkets. It’s about time. My point is this:- Australia is bigger and more important than Hong Kong and Coke a Cola Amatil(Australia) should be expanding the range here in Australia and not lumping us geographically with Asia.

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