When is the onslaught of insignificant stories about Lara Bingle ever going to end? This trumped up nobody has the nerve, now, to appear in a whole television show, all about her life on a daily basis. And to add more boredom and super-ego puff dust to the mix, she includes her even more nobody brother, family and friends. Don’t watch the pathetic event. It’s bad enough that promos pop up on the television, about this crap new show, while you are watching your own favourite program. The only thing this show is going to prove is–just how bloody boring Lara Bingle really is!!

In Australia, the television audience was first introduced to this stumpy, bland and unremarkable dwarf through a “Tourism Australia” commercial. The advertisement was intended for overseas audiences. It failed and was an embarrassment on two accounts. Firstly, Lara Bingle is hardly what you would call sexy enough to appear in such an important commercial. Sophie Monk is sexy. Kimberly Davies is sexy. Lara Bingle promoted an image of a stumpy, immature and unremarkable face to the world. Secondly, the use of the phrase – “Where the bloody hell are you?” was amateurish and unprofessional. She can not be held accountable for that mistake. The writer of the advertisement can take that responsibility. You could walk down the street, in Australia, and find plenty of better looking girls/females who aren’t as short and stumpy as she is or appeared in that commercial. She is not representative of the beach girl of Australia. She just happened to have had contacts in the industry that catapulted into this position. They must be so mediocre and inbred, to have chosen her as typical of the best of the beach type girls, here in Australia.

There is another infamous instance of this type of thing happening in Australia, in recent years. A so called model–Chloe Maxwell, was selected to promote a famous jeans label. She was unremarkable, gawky, clumsy and just plain all round amateurish. Are certain sections of the advertising media third rate in Australia, or just pathetic?

Getting back to boring Bingle. Over the recent years , we the viewing public, have had to endure news stories of her crappy love affairs with athletes. She became just a big hanger on to other celebrities in the news and in the sports world. A massive amount of make up and hair styling has been lavished on her to try and improve her visual appearance, with not much success. She still looks like a cross between a chipmunk and a fat baby piglet. Perhaps, she could get a spot on the new line up of The Wiggles, as a Chipmunk. She wouldn’t need a mask or much make up to become the character. How stupid does this Markson, who publicise some of these pathetic clients, think the Australian public is? Lara bingle is visually an unremarkable face, that does not deserve to appear on television here in Australia, or overseas. People still came to Australia for holidays, despite that terrible advertisement, with Bingle blobbing her way through. The only thing she was capable of exciting was a near-sighted wombat. Yet, the incredible joke still continues piddling on.



  1. Thank you Murattigermany for reading and responding to my blog. I haven’t had a chance to get onto your site yet. There appears to be quite alot of Internet traffic and the connection time is too long. I am accessing the Internet via a public library in Australia. They may not have the fastest speeds. Lara Bingle just annoys me and her publicist is totally out of touch with the public. It is about time criticism of her and him started to appear. There is none in the main stream media in Australia that go far enough describing what a big non entity she really is!!

    • I am a member of the public that is fed up with all the undue hype and publicity afforded to Lara Bingle. And if you think I am going to be quiet about her stumpy body build she had when she did the Tourism Australia Advertisement, I will not! She never deserved the advertisement and she is simply a role model for all the ‘b’ grade want-a-bees that do not deserve to be called professional models. As I said in my post, you could easily find far more deserving unknowns than her. She either had contacts in the industry, or the people promoting her need their eyes tested. Perhaps you need your eyes tested and a short course in beauty recognition!

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