Well, it’s state budget time and New South Wales has a Liberal government again, so as usual, to show voters how responsible they are, this state government will create 8,000 unemployed. Great way to go–Mike Baird and Barry o’ Farrell. Don’t get too comfy on those meagre parliament benches. This may be your only term in government in New South Wales.

Perhaps Mike Baird is more privileged than many, being the son of former Federal politician, Bruce Baird. He should know why the state is under such financial pressure. After all, it was his father, Bruce the Bogon, who imported 5,000 Sudanese into this country and further strained the finances, to support these unwelcome additions. It was some years ago. It caused a controversy then and the ordinary Australian is still paying for it. Because there are less taxes to be redistributed amongst every day Australians. Both major political parties are wasting tax payers money by continuing with high levels of immigration and the refugee program. Just because the Labor Gillard/Rudd and dim wits in the Federal cabinet want Australia to have a place in international politics, this country is continually burdened with umpteen boats of refugees from the Middle East, Afghanistan and other places. Governments of Australia seem to have no problem finding money for them and accommodating them and housing them and so forth. But sooner or later, the existing population suddenly gets one of these state budgets that slash massive numbers of state employees(Public Servants). How about slashing the refugee intake to zero or freezing immigration levels for a long while.

But now, 8,000 New South Wales public servants have to be converted into the unemployed, just to demonstrate how money wise Mike Baird, the State Treasurer, is with the state’s budget. The previous irresponsible policies of both Labor and Liberal Parties impacts on us now. Eventually their massive handouts are paid for by ordinary Australians, who have been citizens here in this country.

NEWS  FLASH:  UPDATE In mid August, it has been revealed the NSW Government will receive 1.2 Billion dollars in dividend payments from the Electricity companies. So why is it necessary to dismiss so many public servants? This Liberal government is siphoning off far more money out of these companies than Labour did in office. It is channelling this and other money into these big grandiose infra-structure projects to create a wow factor about the o’ Farrell/Liberal government. And to please the majority Liberal electorates out there in the North -West area of outer Sydney. Perhaps the whole of the project can not be financed in one go. Maybe only sections of it can be built, so has not to monopolise too much of the State’s budget. However, I still feel it is savage that 8,000 public servants can be culled and these savings fed into general revenue to finance infra-structure projects.


If it is not one extreme, it is another. During the Labor Carr/Egan, Rees, Keneally era, there were hundreds of  ‘unattached public servants’, who were paid, but did no work, When Barry o’ Farrell came to power that ludicrous situation was rectified. No one will argue with that, except the couple of hundred people on the unattached list. But the massive scale of these job losses, coupled with the fact that Barry o’ Farrell got money from the sale of the desalination plant, at Kurnell recently and other sources such as the electrical sale of a state-owned entity, just don’t add up. Yet he still seems to have to exact hard measures against ordinary Australian, just to balance the state budget.

Far too much money is being spent on grandiose infra-structure projects. That word is so over used these days amongst announcements by political parties who want to big name themselves in the academic world by using impressive words to describe what was previously referred to as public works. This is where all the money is going. The Premier says he needs to find savings in the order of 860 million dollars. Well, he can cut back on these infrastructure projects. It is more important that 8,000 people have jobs, for their future, than the building of a rail link or widening of a motorway. A small percentage of the workforce should not have to pay such a high price, to keep the state budget out of deficit.

NEWS FLASH    UPDATE:      In early July, Barry o’Farrell announced the closing down of Grafton Jail. This means the loss of one hundred jobs to the local inhabitants of Grafton. It also means the loss 30 million dollars to the region’s economy. Once again, just to balance the state’s budget, a certain section of the workforce are targeted. They will not be able to find any other employment in that area. They will be forced to move to the city perhaps. Is the Premier going too far with these cost savings? Not only does he want to balance the budget; he wants to create a surplus. After all he said there would be  further cost cutting of about one billion dollars, when the budget was announced. Surely, they don’t have to reign in the deficit so soon, at the cost of so many full-time positions. But then again, he doesn’t care. He is just dumping the problem onto the Federal Government and Centrelink. The Premier now is just using the excuse of balancing the budget to eliminate as many public service positions as possible and burden the remaining workforce with increased workloads.

 Going back to the issue of immigration and refugees. During the long, interminable years of the Howard/Costello dictatorship, migration levels continued and increased at high quotas. It is unbelievable that politicians, both State and Federal, supported such levels and still do. The damage to the country, financially is bursting Australia’s capacity to look after the existing population adequately. There has been no substantial  real increase in the standard Aged Pension. The meagre increases have only compensated this sector for the prices rises experienced in certain services. Why are governments so bloody generous with tax payers money to new refugees and other useless causes? They can’t do enough for these overseas people. We don’t really need to grow our population by millions over the next ten years. We didn’t neet to increase our population over the last ten years. And finally, when it all gets out of control and becomes too much of a burden–ie employment dries up and thus unemployment starts to creep up, the ordinary Australian is targeted by well-fed and well-paid politicians. I doubt whether Mike Baird will ever see the unemployment line in a Centrelink office. He is sitting in an extremely safe Liberal seat. His father, Bruce the Boofhead, also had an incredibly safe Federal seat for about ten years.


It doesn’t matter whether it is the State or Federal budget. The policies of the Federal government have direct effects on the State government. Every time the Federal government lavishes money on new migrants and refugees, that means money is not going into existing mainstream Australians pockets, by way of Federal government tax cuts, subsidies and unemployment creation projects for the existing population that live here now!

Money is wasted on extra border patrols and detention centres and health care for people who paid their way to get to Australia, via leaking Indonesian fishing boats. There is always this tension between State Liberal and Federal Labor governments. Has the Federal Government deliberately denied about 860 million dollars to the New South Wales government or not? We hear figures thrown around. Surely, New South Wales should get the major carve up of Federal funds, because it has to put up with the increase in population, due to migration. Does any Federal government ever adequately fund the bill for this problem. The state has to find money for extra teachers for schools, more nurses and doctors in hospitals and a whole plethora of flow on costs from an increased population. This is all brought about by Federal policies concerning the immigration level. Most new migrants and refugees will be plonked down in the already over burdened state of New South Wales.

NEWS  FLASH:  UPDATE    About the 11th of July, it was announced by the Australian government that it intended to give one billion dollars to Afghanistan, to help it develop into a strong democracy, capable of withstanding the Taliban. This money would also be spent probably on hospitals and schools to  further develop the country. This is precisely my central argument. The more we get involved in this country’s mess, the more Australia needs to spend to keep the existing government happy and the general populace onside with Western democracies.

Or is Barry o’ Farrell just allocating too much money for infrastructure projects, just to impress the voters of New South Wales, with the announcements of large-scale and noticeable civil works projects. Years ago, we used to get so many of them from the dysfunctional Labor/Carr government. Many of the projects never went ahead. The joke was just unbelievable.

The retaining of 8,000 public servants is no where as spectacular as the building of a rail link, or so Barry o’ Farrell thinks. It is also time these figures were more closely scrutinised by the commenting media. We are forever hearing about so called ‘black holes’ in the state’s finances that were left over by the previous Labor government.

Barry o’ Farrell has money to splash around for infrastructure projects. Kevin Rudd had money to splurge around for building projects in schools and home insulation schemes. John Howard/Peter Costello bribed middle Australia with the Baby Bonus. There is money out there to save these 8,000 jobs in New South Wales. It’s about time politicians stopped wasting it on grandiose and creative bribe schemes and channelled it into keeping the existing workforce employed.


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