Channel Nine, Sydney, Australia, has to be joking if it seriously thinks it can revive Big Brother. So many people were glad to see the end of that mega boring, amateurish show. It only appealed to a certain demographic of youngish people who were renting and found some sympathy with some of the house’s occupants. But for the rest of us normal mainstream audience, it was tedious, dull, motionless and had poor camera angles , due to the nature of the show. It really wasn’t a program that should have been on television. It was more of a social experiment that should have remained in the psychology department of a university. Because there were no real proper actors and scripts, the dialogue became sluggish and people always seemed exhausted, due to being cooped up with each other. In fact, it was sick and inhumane to a great extent. And it was never real or candid, since the occupants knew they were being watched. Some played up and some were shy. All in all, it was immensely annoying and the whole production fell way below the standard, television audiences had come to expect from commercial television programs. Only people who can put up with amateurs, could endure the garbage that driveled out of that house on a daily basis. And that was the worst aspect of the whole enterprise. It continued on day after day and the Network kept on pumping out inordinate amounts of hyped up publicity about every insignificant event in the human peep show zoo. It really took on a perverted turn after some weeks. I don’t know why people allowed themselves to be subjected to such psychological torture.

Big Brother has had its day. It absolutely bored the tears out of so many people, in the end, they just couldn’t watch it any longer. Unlike quiz shows which can be revived, for another year or so now and then, the Big Brother concept (and house)should be buried in concrete and dumped way out in the ocean, a hundred kilometres off the coast of Australia–never to be hauled out on prime time television screens again.

But this isn’t the only clanger, James Packer and his band of pathetic executives are trying to force onto the general public. At the moment, a show about how his father, Kerry Packer, developed one day cricket was made. What a puff piece of egotism for the Packer family. As if the so called invention of one day cricket is interesting enough to turn into a television program. All this publicity about the Packer family contribution to Australia is as bad when the Packers used to promote the hell out of their America’s cups challengers with their yacht–Gretel. This was just massive egotism at work, way back then. Now, James Packer has found a new family angle, to milk all the undue adulation from the public. Surely people are going to see this for what it is–a unnecsessry waste of money to place Kerry Packer on some sort of pedestal in Australian television history.
This has to be the greatest waste of money since Allan bond bought channel nine, over a decade ago , for the inflated price of one billion dollars. The show is only going to appeal to the cricket fraternity who love boring slow-moving events–like cricket. It’s the greatest, hyped up and underserved tribute a son can give to a father. James Packer really has lost the plot with this one and the revival of Big Brother. He really doesn’t know what to do with his money. Just like when he hired Eddie Macquire to be General Manager of Channel Nine.  Eddie Macquire fired a whole group of people in the news room. Then had the hide to take the sports show over to Germany for the big World Soccer final. It was a fizzer. It was only an excuse for Macquire and his cronies to get an overseas holiday, at Channel Nine’s expense. Macquire overestimated the interest in soccer in this country. His sackings were just a stereotyped frightening tactic that an imbecile uses to induce fear into the staff at Channel Nine. In the end, he realised he didn’t know what he was doing or he was pushed to go and allowed to bow out gracefully by resigning. Anyhow it just shows that James Packer chose him based on friendship or an over inflated assessment of Macquire’s abilities. Once again, with these new projects, James Packer is listening to nit wits with small-minded views of what the majority want to watch on television. He only is listening to a closed circle of dim wits with decadent imaginations and no creativity. Both projects are doomed to be worthless flops and ratings downers.


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