What a pathetic joke it is to watch the Australian Federal parliament, just before it adjourns for its winter recess. Apparently, federal politicians were up til 4am, supposedly trying to find a solution to the boat people onslaught. They have had years to sort this ludicrous problem out and have failed miserably.

The grand standing by the Green’s senator–Sarah Hanson-Young– has to be the most idiotic out of all the politicians involved in this long drawn out bogged down saga. Whilst she purports to be sympathetic to these refugees, her refusal to accept Malaysia as a processing centre, means more boats are getting into Australia. Some of these boats aren’t seaworthy. She can shed tears for them. How about shedding tears for Australia’s homeless. On this issue, the senator is amazingly silent. Her first priority should be to deal with Australian problems–not overseas door barging refugees trying to con their way into this country. She and other bleeding heart sympathisers are so moved by the refugees, but they never take up the cause of the homeless, in Australia–do they? Furthermore, it is suspected there has been some sabotaging of these flimsy vessels, to prevent Australian authorities from being able to order them back to Indonesia. It appears this senator wants as many refugees to risk their lives, just to get into Australia, no matter how dangerous the trip can be. Perhaps the senator is prolonging the stalemate, so that vessels are not diverted to overseas processing centres and denied landfall on Australian soil. It doesn’t mater how many might die drowning, so long as a huge number get through.


And why are these refugees still sailing into Australian waters?  After all, Australian defence personnel have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan for years. By now they should have made it safe for minority groups there who were afraid of the Taliban and persecution. The excuse and the main reason for political asylum, no longer holds up. In fact, the general public are getting sick of people in the thousands asking for and being granted asylum in Australia, based on this alleged  persecution. Why don’t they go back to their own country and join their own army to defend their home land, instead of getting Australia and international soldiers to die fighting the Taliban? This mass  migration is further wasting Australian Taxpayer’s money by having to look after these burdensome refugees. Why should Australian and International soldiers die fighting the Taliban, whilst these refugees desert their own country? How stupid and naive are we to allow this ridiculous situation?


It is also time that Indonesia shifted these people back over the water to where they originated. There appears to be an overwhelming amount of incompetence and sheer ‘do-bugger-all’ by the Indonesian government. No doubt, Indonesia enjoys dumping this burden on Australia. It never liked the fact that we and the international community interfered in East Timor and created a new nation. Indonesia has always had its eye on the East Timor region, because centuries ago, it was annexed and colonised by the Portuguese. The Portuguese established their spice trading base in this part of the world and did not relinquish control of the land until around 1975. Indonesia simply wanted to absorb this region into its geographical perimeter. There is also the issue of immense oil and natural gas deposits under the Timor Sea. Indonesia wanted East Timor, so it could claim these natural resources, as stipulated by the 12 mile off shore distance that every country is entitled to claim as part of their landmass. There have been frosty relations between Australia and Indonesia over this loss of natural resources which now go to East Timor mostly.


Even when there was the Liberal’s so called ‘off-shore processing’ in Nauru, eventually many of these refugees slinked into Australia. It just took longer to process them. Australia still had to waste money on helping set up these facilities in Nauru. Obviously, Nauru wasn’t going to spend any money. It didn’t have the finances to set up facilities.  John Howard/Costello/Abbot/Reith did not want to upset the international community by pulling out of the Refugee Convention. It might make Australia look barbaric to the rest of the world. But refugees are a burden to any country that takes them in. Just because people weren’t processed on Christmas Island and held in detention centres there and in the Northern Territory, doesn’t mean the flow of refugees into Australia completely stopped. It was just shifted to Nauru because it was cheaper and appeared initially to prevent people from landing on Australian soil. The fact that Australia has to spend so much time, money and personnel investigating the claim for political asylum, for these people, is just a huge burden on the Australian taxpayer. There are other problems that need this money and attention. It is not up to Australia to solve the problems of Iraq, Afghanistan or Sri Lanka or any other of the places these refugees are coming from. The incompetence of their own home governments, to create a stable and safe society, does not mean we should open the doors to all these people.


We already have a housing crisis in Australia. It has been going on for years. What is being done about that?! In fact, the influx of new refugees just exacerbates our already over stretched housing capacity. Where are these refugees going to be housed? These refugees are just being given priority over existing Australians already living here. This is absurd and an insult to all Australians. Why should Australian resources go to housing them, whilst neglecting our ever-increasing homeless numbers.The Federal government turns a blind eye to Australia’s homeless, but it certainly manages to find the money to look after the non-stop flow of new refugees.

Pathetic attempts are made in Australia, to raise money for the homeless problem. Just recently, Kevin Rudd, slept out in a sleeping bag, for one night, on the streets of Sydney with other CEOs. But how much money can such ‘lamington drives’ hope to raise? This is the kind of low-grade fund-raising you expect from children’s sports clubs and the like. It shows that even though John Howard and Kevin Rudd have been tossed out of power, the same pathetic mind-set still pervades in Federal politics, when it comes to the homeless of Australia. Unless you attempt to enter Australia in a leaky boat, nearly drown, throw your passport and all identification overboard, you will not get money or preferential treatment from the Australian government.


What right have federal politicians got to spend taxpayer’s money on these recently arrived refugees, when there has been a homeless crisis for years in this country. Australian politicians have an obligation, firstly–to look after our citizens–not any one that has a flimsy claim to political asylum. Most of these refugees are probably just line jumping migrants. How dare our useless politicians turn their backs on the suffering people in this country and divert all the attention and money into accommodating refugees.

In this impotent, political vacuum, it is the refugees that are siphoning valuable money and resources away from a home-grown crisis, requiring federal government help. All the so called political debate on this issue of refugees, has not, as yet, stopped the unwanted flow of boat people. Both  Tony Abbot, the Independents and the Greens are just being too fussy over this Malaysian processing option. In particular Tony Abbot is prolonging the situation just to embarass the Gillard Labor government. He wants to create as much bad publicity for the Labor government and show how inept they are at developing policies. They are all inept. Australia should immediately pull out of the Refugee Convention. This will stop Australia from being a soft target for people smugglers. Our country’s generosity is being  abused and we need to defend it against people who are taking us for a ride into bankruptcy. In fact, the refugees shouldn’t even get as far as Australian waters. The Indonesians should be expelling them and sending them home. This mass migration by a lot of pushy, demanding, sneaky refugees is unbelievable. We shouldn’t have to deal with this problem. Australia has already done enough to improve their country by containing the Taliban. They all can be given access to weapons and they can fight the Taliban themselves, instead of getting Australia and the international community to do their defence work for them.

You can not even trust what the Australian prime minister has to say about Indonesia’s attempts to curb people smuggling. Just recently she said Indonesia has done a lot to stop the boat people in Indonesia. If this is so–why have so many boat loads of refugees landed this year alone. Obviously, Gillard is lying. How does she expect to get away with such a statement? And obviously, the efforts of Indonesia aren’t making any impact what so ever! Their measures have been paltry and miniscule.

This idiotic situation started with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is now over a ten-year dilemma which has increased in volume particularly over the last few years, under the Rudd-Gillard Federal labor government. It is too much of a burden for Australia to take on any longer. It should never have been allowed to get to this disorganised state. Australia needs to opt out of the International Refugee Convention because the refugees themselves are  abusing what it was originally designed for. By existing this convention, Australia will prevent itself appearing, in the eyes of people smugglers, as a soft and lucrative target to dump cashed up refugees onto our distant borders.