Christmas time and the buying of gifts brings out the continual battle between the retailers and the shoppers each year. This year, 2012, we have been continually hearing that retail shop sales have been down and consumers have not been spending, due to fears about interest rates on their mortgages and home loans rising. There is the continual talk about some consumers buying more products online from overseas retailers/wholesalers and getting better deals than buying from the shops, here in Australia.

 Therefore, retailers have started to put some items on sale before the traditional Boxing Day sales on the 26th and 27th of December. But really, Australians are so well versed in the massive reductions of Boxing Day. They give each other gift cards or money as Christmas presents and as soon as the Boxing Day sales begin, they invade the stores. There really are more people shopping on Boxing Day than any other given day in the retail calendar. That is because the bargains are so numerous and significant.

Retailers start out putting high mark ups on their products. A certain percentage of the population can afford to pay these prices, but it is considered far too dear by many people. They wait for the inevitable sales. So the clothes, shoes, handbags and a whole range of products sit in the stores for months. Then comes the spending frenzy on Boxing Day, when swarms of people, with their gift cards and Christmas money, splurge on the massive priced items.

Where once there were quiet and deserted, up market suburban department stores and smaller specialty outlets, shoppers invade the aisles like ants. They quickly pick out the items they want to buy in a particular store, then join the long lines, about twenty or so in length, to pay for their cherished bargain. After that, they will move onto the next store offering great deals. How do people manage to stay on those long, slow-moving and seemingly never moving lines? And why do some people take so long to transact a purchase? There should be a two minute time limit per person. If you can’t get it done by then, you go to the end of the line. The only thing worse is standing in a McDonald’s line at lunch time, behind women and small children and having to wait until they get their lunch order. Literally, some of them can take over five minutes to give their order and get it delivered to the counter. Their children want to pick out toys or change their minds on what they want to eat. What ever you do, don’t get stuck behind a women with a baby stroller and four children. It will take twice as long for them to get served.

But why do retailers string this yearly battle out with consumers. They know people are not going to pay some of the high prices they put on some items. If they put the sale/low prices on items to begin with, they would sell a lot more quickly. We would then be spending more during the whole of the year. There would be no Boxing Day sales anymore or January sales, but that doesn’t matter. The products would be selling throughout the year on a regular basis, rather than for a big splurge, at the end of  December, each year. Retailers have had to mark down dramatically anyway to get sales. Their profit margins have been reduced. Why does it all have to happen in just a few weeks in December and January? Why can’t it be spread out over the whole retail year? If they abolished the sale period and had low prices all the time, their sales figures would be more consistent throughout the year. Perhaps they wouldn’t have to go so low in price as the sale prices they have now. There still might be some items left over which they could put into a mini sale around this time of year.

And what is wrong with some retailers? They buy far too many christmas items each year. You can see umpteen christmas trees, decorations, wrapping paper, mince pies, lights, santa hats etc, sitting on their shelves on Boxing Day. The only way they can get rid of them is to reduce the price by 50%. Surely, they don’t make much out of it. Why do they order in so much stock? It never sells at christmas time. They are always left with massive stock piles still sitting on the shelves. Of course, these represent great bargains for consumers, but very low profit margins for retailers. I suppose they are so cheap for stores to buy all these items from China, they don’t care about over supplying themselves with christmas paraphernalia. Have you noticed though, that the candy canes just don’t taste much like peppermint these days. In fact, I had one that tasted more like glue, than real peppermint. The standard has gone down, since they contracted the Chinese to make these candy canes.

This whole Boxing Day sale frenzy gets to be a bit of a yearly ridiculous event. People hold off spending because they know reductions will be offered on the 26/27th of December. And the poor sales assistants have to go back to work so soon after Christmas Day. It would be far better to get rid of this yearly gigantic sale and have real sales or low prices throughout the year. This would be a much better arrangement for all those sales assistants that have to set up the Boxing Day sales and put up with serving the huge crowds on the 26/27th of December. Retailers would get their stock turned into money sooner, if they put lower prices on their products to begin with. But they continually go on with this yearly mark down each year. The enormous crowds and long lines are very tiresome and boring.

The only amusing thing about the crowds are the funny characters that come out because of the sales. These people hardly are seen in public throughout the rest of the year. I actually saw someone as big as Hagrid, from the Harry Potter movies, walking around one of the large Westfield shopping centre. He really stood out from the crowd. He looked like a giant alien. Then, there was a guy with a pony tail all the way down his back. But the real freaks are the females with all the tattoos on their arms, legs and backs.

Thank you christmas retailers for coaxing out all the hilarious people around this time of year, with your wonderful sales!



What a pathetic joke it is to watch the Australian Federal parliament, just before it adjourns for its winter recess. Apparently, federal politicians were up til 4am, supposedly trying to find a solution to the boat people onslaught. They have had years to sort this ludicrous problem out and have failed miserably.

The grand standing by the Green’s senator–Sarah Hanson-Young– has to be the most idiotic out of all the politicians involved in this long drawn out bogged down saga. Whilst she purports to be sympathetic to these refugees, her refusal to accept Malaysia as a processing centre, means more boats are getting into Australia. Some of these boats aren’t seaworthy. She can shed tears for them. How about shedding tears for Australia’s homeless. On this issue, the senator is amazingly silent. Her first priority should be to deal with Australian problems–not overseas door barging refugees trying to con their way into this country. She and other bleeding heart sympathisers are so moved by the refugees, but they never take up the cause of the homeless, in Australia–do they? Furthermore, it is suspected there has been some sabotaging of these flimsy vessels, to prevent Australian authorities from being able to order them back to Indonesia. It appears this senator wants as many refugees to risk their lives, just to get into Australia, no matter how dangerous the trip can be. Perhaps the senator is prolonging the stalemate, so that vessels are not diverted to overseas processing centres and denied landfall on Australian soil. It doesn’t mater how many might die drowning, so long as a huge number get through.


And why are these refugees still sailing into Australian waters?  After all, Australian defence personnel have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan for years. By now they should have made it safe for minority groups there who were afraid of the Taliban and persecution. The excuse and the main reason for political asylum, no longer holds up. In fact, the general public are getting sick of people in the thousands asking for and being granted asylum in Australia, based on this alleged  persecution. Why don’t they go back to their own country and join their own army to defend their home land, instead of getting Australia and international soldiers to die fighting the Taliban? This mass  migration is further wasting Australian Taxpayer’s money by having to look after these burdensome refugees. Why should Australian and International soldiers die fighting the Taliban, whilst these refugees desert their own country? How stupid and naive are we to allow this ridiculous situation?


It is also time that Indonesia shifted these people back over the water to where they originated. There appears to be an overwhelming amount of incompetence and sheer ‘do-bugger-all’ by the Indonesian government. No doubt, Indonesia enjoys dumping this burden on Australia. It never liked the fact that we and the international community interfered in East Timor and created a new nation. Indonesia has always had its eye on the East Timor region, because centuries ago, it was annexed and colonised by the Portuguese. The Portuguese established their spice trading base in this part of the world and did not relinquish control of the land until around 1975. Indonesia simply wanted to absorb this region into its geographical perimeter. There is also the issue of immense oil and natural gas deposits under the Timor Sea. Indonesia wanted East Timor, so it could claim these natural resources, as stipulated by the 12 mile off shore distance that every country is entitled to claim as part of their landmass. There have been frosty relations between Australia and Indonesia over this loss of natural resources which now go to East Timor mostly.


Even when there was the Liberal’s so called ‘off-shore processing’ in Nauru, eventually many of these refugees slinked into Australia. It just took longer to process them. Australia still had to waste money on helping set up these facilities in Nauru. Obviously, Nauru wasn’t going to spend any money. It didn’t have the finances to set up facilities.  John Howard/Costello/Abbot/Reith did not want to upset the international community by pulling out of the Refugee Convention. It might make Australia look barbaric to the rest of the world. But refugees are a burden to any country that takes them in. Just because people weren’t processed on Christmas Island and held in detention centres there and in the Northern Territory, doesn’t mean the flow of refugees into Australia completely stopped. It was just shifted to Nauru because it was cheaper and appeared initially to prevent people from landing on Australian soil. The fact that Australia has to spend so much time, money and personnel investigating the claim for political asylum, for these people, is just a huge burden on the Australian taxpayer. There are other problems that need this money and attention. It is not up to Australia to solve the problems of Iraq, Afghanistan or Sri Lanka or any other of the places these refugees are coming from. The incompetence of their own home governments, to create a stable and safe society, does not mean we should open the doors to all these people.


We already have a housing crisis in Australia. It has been going on for years. What is being done about that?! In fact, the influx of new refugees just exacerbates our already over stretched housing capacity. Where are these refugees going to be housed? These refugees are just being given priority over existing Australians already living here. This is absurd and an insult to all Australians. Why should Australian resources go to housing them, whilst neglecting our ever-increasing homeless numbers.The Federal government turns a blind eye to Australia’s homeless, but it certainly manages to find the money to look after the non-stop flow of new refugees.

Pathetic attempts are made in Australia, to raise money for the homeless problem. Just recently, Kevin Rudd, slept out in a sleeping bag, for one night, on the streets of Sydney with other CEOs. But how much money can such ‘lamington drives’ hope to raise? This is the kind of low-grade fund-raising you expect from children’s sports clubs and the like. It shows that even though John Howard and Kevin Rudd have been tossed out of power, the same pathetic mind-set still pervades in Federal politics, when it comes to the homeless of Australia. Unless you attempt to enter Australia in a leaky boat, nearly drown, throw your passport and all identification overboard, you will not get money or preferential treatment from the Australian government.


What right have federal politicians got to spend taxpayer’s money on these recently arrived refugees, when there has been a homeless crisis for years in this country. Australian politicians have an obligation, firstly–to look after our citizens–not any one that has a flimsy claim to political asylum. Most of these refugees are probably just line jumping migrants. How dare our useless politicians turn their backs on the suffering people in this country and divert all the attention and money into accommodating refugees.

In this impotent, political vacuum, it is the refugees that are siphoning valuable money and resources away from a home-grown crisis, requiring federal government help. All the so called political debate on this issue of refugees, has not, as yet, stopped the unwanted flow of boat people. Both  Tony Abbot, the Independents and the Greens are just being too fussy over this Malaysian processing option. In particular Tony Abbot is prolonging the situation just to embarass the Gillard Labor government. He wants to create as much bad publicity for the Labor government and show how inept they are at developing policies. They are all inept. Australia should immediately pull out of the Refugee Convention. This will stop Australia from being a soft target for people smugglers. Our country’s generosity is being  abused and we need to defend it against people who are taking us for a ride into bankruptcy. In fact, the refugees shouldn’t even get as far as Australian waters. The Indonesians should be expelling them and sending them home. This mass migration by a lot of pushy, demanding, sneaky refugees is unbelievable. We shouldn’t have to deal with this problem. Australia has already done enough to improve their country by containing the Taliban. They all can be given access to weapons and they can fight the Taliban themselves, instead of getting Australia and the international community to do their defence work for them.

You can not even trust what the Australian prime minister has to say about Indonesia’s attempts to curb people smuggling. Just recently she said Indonesia has done a lot to stop the boat people in Indonesia. If this is so–why have so many boat loads of refugees landed this year alone. Obviously, Gillard is lying. How does she expect to get away with such a statement? And obviously, the efforts of Indonesia aren’t making any impact what so ever! Their measures have been paltry and miniscule.

This idiotic situation started with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is now over a ten-year dilemma which has increased in volume particularly over the last few years, under the Rudd-Gillard Federal labor government. It is too much of a burden for Australia to take on any longer. It should never have been allowed to get to this disorganised state. Australia needs to opt out of the International Refugee Convention because the refugees themselves are  abusing what it was originally designed for. By existing this convention, Australia will prevent itself appearing, in the eyes of people smugglers, as a soft and lucrative target to dump cashed up refugees onto our distant borders.


Channel Nine, Sydney, Australia, has to be joking if it seriously thinks it can revive Big Brother. So many people were glad to see the end of that mega boring, amateurish show. It only appealed to a certain demographic of youngish people who were renting and found some sympathy with some of the house’s occupants. But for the rest of us normal mainstream audience, it was tedious, dull, motionless and had poor camera angles , due to the nature of the show. It really wasn’t a program that should have been on television. It was more of a social experiment that should have remained in the psychology department of a university. Because there were no real proper actors and scripts, the dialogue became sluggish and people always seemed exhausted, due to being cooped up with each other. In fact, it was sick and inhumane to a great extent. And it was never real or candid, since the occupants knew they were being watched. Some played up and some were shy. All in all, it was immensely annoying and the whole production fell way below the standard, television audiences had come to expect from commercial television programs. Only people who can put up with amateurs, could endure the garbage that driveled out of that house on a daily basis. And that was the worst aspect of the whole enterprise. It continued on day after day and the Network kept on pumping out inordinate amounts of hyped up publicity about every insignificant event in the human peep show zoo. It really took on a perverted turn after some weeks. I don’t know why people allowed themselves to be subjected to such psychological torture.

Big Brother has had its day. It absolutely bored the tears out of so many people, in the end, they just couldn’t watch it any longer. Unlike quiz shows which can be revived, for another year or so now and then, the Big Brother concept (and house)should be buried in concrete and dumped way out in the ocean, a hundred kilometres off the coast of Australia–never to be hauled out on prime time television screens again.

But this isn’t the only clanger, James Packer and his band of pathetic executives are trying to force onto the general public. At the moment, a show about how his father, Kerry Packer, developed one day cricket was made. What a puff piece of egotism for the Packer family. As if the so called invention of one day cricket is interesting enough to turn into a television program. All this publicity about the Packer family contribution to Australia is as bad when the Packers used to promote the hell out of their America’s cups challengers with their yacht–Gretel. This was just massive egotism at work, way back then. Now, James Packer has found a new family angle, to milk all the undue adulation from the public. Surely people are going to see this for what it is–a unnecsessry waste of money to place Kerry Packer on some sort of pedestal in Australian television history.
This has to be the greatest waste of money since Allan bond bought channel nine, over a decade ago , for the inflated price of one billion dollars. The show is only going to appeal to the cricket fraternity who love boring slow-moving events–like cricket. It’s the greatest, hyped up and underserved tribute a son can give to a father. James Packer really has lost the plot with this one and the revival of Big Brother. He really doesn’t know what to do with his money. Just like when he hired Eddie Macquire to be General Manager of Channel Nine.  Eddie Macquire fired a whole group of people in the news room. Then had the hide to take the sports show over to Germany for the big World Soccer final. It was a fizzer. It was only an excuse for Macquire and his cronies to get an overseas holiday, at Channel Nine’s expense. Macquire overestimated the interest in soccer in this country. His sackings were just a stereotyped frightening tactic that an imbecile uses to induce fear into the staff at Channel Nine. In the end, he realised he didn’t know what he was doing or he was pushed to go and allowed to bow out gracefully by resigning. Anyhow it just shows that James Packer chose him based on friendship or an over inflated assessment of Macquire’s abilities. Once again, with these new projects, James Packer is listening to nit wits with small-minded views of what the majority want to watch on television. He only is listening to a closed circle of dim wits with decadent imaginations and no creativity. Both projects are doomed to be worthless flops and ratings downers.


Well, it’s state budget time and New South Wales has a Liberal government again, so as usual, to show voters how responsible they are, this state government will create 8,000 unemployed. Great way to go–Mike Baird and Barry o’ Farrell. Don’t get too comfy on those meagre parliament benches. This may be your only term in government in New South Wales.

Perhaps Mike Baird is more privileged than many, being the son of former Federal politician, Bruce Baird. He should know why the state is under such financial pressure. After all, it was his father, Bruce the Bogon, who imported 5,000 Sudanese into this country and further strained the finances, to support these unwelcome additions. It was some years ago. It caused a controversy then and the ordinary Australian is still paying for it. Because there are less taxes to be redistributed amongst every day Australians. Both major political parties are wasting tax payers money by continuing with high levels of immigration and the refugee program. Just because the Labor Gillard/Rudd and dim wits in the Federal cabinet want Australia to have a place in international politics, this country is continually burdened with umpteen boats of refugees from the Middle East, Afghanistan and other places. Governments of Australia seem to have no problem finding money for them and accommodating them and housing them and so forth. But sooner or later, the existing population suddenly gets one of these state budgets that slash massive numbers of state employees(Public Servants). How about slashing the refugee intake to zero or freezing immigration levels for a long while.

But now, 8,000 New South Wales public servants have to be converted into the unemployed, just to demonstrate how money wise Mike Baird, the State Treasurer, is with the state’s budget. The previous irresponsible policies of both Labor and Liberal Parties impacts on us now. Eventually their massive handouts are paid for by ordinary Australians, who have been citizens here in this country.

NEWS  FLASH:  UPDATE In mid August, it has been revealed the NSW Government will receive 1.2 Billion dollars in dividend payments from the Electricity companies. So why is it necessary to dismiss so many public servants? This Liberal government is siphoning off far more money out of these companies than Labour did in office. It is channelling this and other money into these big grandiose infra-structure projects to create a wow factor about the o’ Farrell/Liberal government. And to please the majority Liberal electorates out there in the North -West area of outer Sydney. Perhaps the whole of the project can not be financed in one go. Maybe only sections of it can be built, so has not to monopolise too much of the State’s budget. However, I still feel it is savage that 8,000 public servants can be culled and these savings fed into general revenue to finance infra-structure projects.


If it is not one extreme, it is another. During the Labor Carr/Egan, Rees, Keneally era, there were hundreds of  ‘unattached public servants’, who were paid, but did no work, When Barry o’ Farrell came to power that ludicrous situation was rectified. No one will argue with that, except the couple of hundred people on the unattached list. But the massive scale of these job losses, coupled with the fact that Barry o’ Farrell got money from the sale of the desalination plant, at Kurnell recently and other sources such as the electrical sale of a state-owned entity, just don’t add up. Yet he still seems to have to exact hard measures against ordinary Australian, just to balance the state budget.

Far too much money is being spent on grandiose infra-structure projects. That word is so over used these days amongst announcements by political parties who want to big name themselves in the academic world by using impressive words to describe what was previously referred to as public works. This is where all the money is going. The Premier says he needs to find savings in the order of 860 million dollars. Well, he can cut back on these infrastructure projects. It is more important that 8,000 people have jobs, for their future, than the building of a rail link or widening of a motorway. A small percentage of the workforce should not have to pay such a high price, to keep the state budget out of deficit.

NEWS FLASH    UPDATE:      In early July, Barry o’Farrell announced the closing down of Grafton Jail. This means the loss of one hundred jobs to the local inhabitants of Grafton. It also means the loss 30 million dollars to the region’s economy. Once again, just to balance the state’s budget, a certain section of the workforce are targeted. They will not be able to find any other employment in that area. They will be forced to move to the city perhaps. Is the Premier going too far with these cost savings? Not only does he want to balance the budget; he wants to create a surplus. After all he said there would be  further cost cutting of about one billion dollars, when the budget was announced. Surely, they don’t have to reign in the deficit so soon, at the cost of so many full-time positions. But then again, he doesn’t care. He is just dumping the problem onto the Federal Government and Centrelink. The Premier now is just using the excuse of balancing the budget to eliminate as many public service positions as possible and burden the remaining workforce with increased workloads.

 Going back to the issue of immigration and refugees. During the long, interminable years of the Howard/Costello dictatorship, migration levels continued and increased at high quotas. It is unbelievable that politicians, both State and Federal, supported such levels and still do. The damage to the country, financially is bursting Australia’s capacity to look after the existing population adequately. There has been no substantial  real increase in the standard Aged Pension. The meagre increases have only compensated this sector for the prices rises experienced in certain services. Why are governments so bloody generous with tax payers money to new refugees and other useless causes? They can’t do enough for these overseas people. We don’t really need to grow our population by millions over the next ten years. We didn’t neet to increase our population over the last ten years. And finally, when it all gets out of control and becomes too much of a burden–ie employment dries up and thus unemployment starts to creep up, the ordinary Australian is targeted by well-fed and well-paid politicians. I doubt whether Mike Baird will ever see the unemployment line in a Centrelink office. He is sitting in an extremely safe Liberal seat. His father, Bruce the Boofhead, also had an incredibly safe Federal seat for about ten years.


It doesn’t matter whether it is the State or Federal budget. The policies of the Federal government have direct effects on the State government. Every time the Federal government lavishes money on new migrants and refugees, that means money is not going into existing mainstream Australians pockets, by way of Federal government tax cuts, subsidies and unemployment creation projects for the existing population that live here now!

Money is wasted on extra border patrols and detention centres and health care for people who paid their way to get to Australia, via leaking Indonesian fishing boats. There is always this tension between State Liberal and Federal Labor governments. Has the Federal Government deliberately denied about 860 million dollars to the New South Wales government or not? We hear figures thrown around. Surely, New South Wales should get the major carve up of Federal funds, because it has to put up with the increase in population, due to migration. Does any Federal government ever adequately fund the bill for this problem. The state has to find money for extra teachers for schools, more nurses and doctors in hospitals and a whole plethora of flow on costs from an increased population. This is all brought about by Federal policies concerning the immigration level. Most new migrants and refugees will be plonked down in the already over burdened state of New South Wales.

NEWS  FLASH:  UPDATE    About the 11th of July, it was announced by the Australian government that it intended to give one billion dollars to Afghanistan, to help it develop into a strong democracy, capable of withstanding the Taliban. This money would also be spent probably on hospitals and schools to  further develop the country. This is precisely my central argument. The more we get involved in this country’s mess, the more Australia needs to spend to keep the existing government happy and the general populace onside with Western democracies.

Or is Barry o’ Farrell just allocating too much money for infrastructure projects, just to impress the voters of New South Wales, with the announcements of large-scale and noticeable civil works projects. Years ago, we used to get so many of them from the dysfunctional Labor/Carr government. Many of the projects never went ahead. The joke was just unbelievable.

The retaining of 8,000 public servants is no where as spectacular as the building of a rail link, or so Barry o’ Farrell thinks. It is also time these figures were more closely scrutinised by the commenting media. We are forever hearing about so called ‘black holes’ in the state’s finances that were left over by the previous Labor government.

Barry o’ Farrell has money to splash around for infrastructure projects. Kevin Rudd had money to splurge around for building projects in schools and home insulation schemes. John Howard/Peter Costello bribed middle Australia with the Baby Bonus. There is money out there to save these 8,000 jobs in New South Wales. It’s about time politicians stopped wasting it on grandiose and creative bribe schemes and channelled it into keeping the existing workforce employed.


When is the onslaught of insignificant stories about Lara Bingle ever going to end? This trumped up nobody has the nerve, now, to appear in a whole television show, all about her life on a daily basis. And to add more boredom and super-ego puff dust to the mix, she includes her even more nobody brother, family and friends. Don’t watch the pathetic event. It’s bad enough that promos pop up on the television, about this crap new show, while you are watching your own favourite program. The only thing this show is going to prove is–just how bloody boring Lara Bingle really is!!

In Australia, the television audience was first introduced to this stumpy, bland and unremarkable dwarf through a “Tourism Australia” commercial. The advertisement was intended for overseas audiences. It failed and was an embarrassment on two accounts. Firstly, Lara Bingle is hardly what you would call sexy enough to appear in such an important commercial. Sophie Monk is sexy. Kimberly Davies is sexy. Lara Bingle promoted an image of a stumpy, immature and unremarkable face to the world. Secondly, the use of the phrase – “Where the bloody hell are you?” was amateurish and unprofessional. She can not be held accountable for that mistake. The writer of the advertisement can take that responsibility. You could walk down the street, in Australia, and find plenty of better looking girls/females who aren’t as short and stumpy as she is or appeared in that commercial. She is not representative of the beach girl of Australia. She just happened to have had contacts in the industry that catapulted into this position. They must be so mediocre and inbred, to have chosen her as typical of the best of the beach type girls, here in Australia.

There is another infamous instance of this type of thing happening in Australia, in recent years. A so called model–Chloe Maxwell, was selected to promote a famous jeans label. She was unremarkable, gawky, clumsy and just plain all round amateurish. Are certain sections of the advertising media third rate in Australia, or just pathetic?

Getting back to boring Bingle. Over the recent years , we the viewing public, have had to endure news stories of her crappy love affairs with athletes. She became just a big hanger on to other celebrities in the news and in the sports world. A massive amount of make up and hair styling has been lavished on her to try and improve her visual appearance, with not much success. She still looks like a cross between a chipmunk and a fat baby piglet. Perhaps, she could get a spot on the new line up of The Wiggles, as a Chipmunk. She wouldn’t need a mask or much make up to become the character. How stupid does this Markson, who publicise some of these pathetic clients, think the Australian public is? Lara bingle is visually an unremarkable face, that does not deserve to appear on television here in Australia, or overseas. People still came to Australia for holidays, despite that terrible advertisement, with Bingle blobbing her way through. The only thing she was capable of exciting was a near-sighted wombat. Yet, the incredible joke still continues piddling on.


The great and omnipotent–Coca-Cola(AMATIL) is trying to pull a massive switch and deceive on the Australian public. Thank goodness the mainstream media picked up on it. Also, thank goodness an everyday person alerted ‘” CURRENT AFFAIR”, SYDNEY  AUSTRALIA  TO  THIS  MASSIVE  DECEPTION. The deception goes like this.

Instead of putting Australian made product into stores, it is importing Coca-Cola from Singapore. The Singapore product is inferior to the Australian product. It does not have as much bubbles(ie carbonation) as the Australian product. The labeling is so similar to the typical Coca-Cola product that it is very hard to tell the difference. Some people are also saying that the taste is different as well. How dare Coca-Cola import foreign product into Australian, when we already produce it here in sufficient quantity and quality. To minimise the fall-out, there was a cleverly worded  media release to “A Current Affair” that said the Singapore product may taste a little different, but there was no really big difference between  it and the  Australian product. Well the difference was big enough and detectable, for an average person to pick up on the difference and report it to “A Current Affair”. The only way to tell is to look on the label and you will see that it is made in Singapore.

For the first time in history, Coca-Cola could be heading downhill on a snow sled. Just like one of those you see in its famous Christmas time advertisements. But this time, it could be their credibility and eventually, their profits.  The general public is fed up with pathetic laws that allow companies to pull this type of deception and still get away with it. Laws and by-laws and regulations in  Australia are extremely weak and favour the big company. No doubt politicians are afraid to offend them and jeopardise valuable donations at election time.There can be no other reason for Coca-Cola doing this, than to put a cheaper product onto the shelves and get the public to buy it, all along thinking that they are getting the higher quality Australian product. Since the Singapore product does not have as much fizzy in it, therefore it is cheaper to manufacture. Coca-Cola therefore stands to make more profit. Also, wages are probably cheaper in Singapore and this also will add more to Coca-Cola’s profit.


I call for an immediate ban by all Australians of all Coca-Cola products, until the importation of Singapore product is halted. This goes also, for any other product imported into Australia that really doesn’t need to be imported.

The general public are growing tired of your boring taste–Coca-Cola(Amatil). We already have a number of alternative Cola products on the Australian market that could replace your useless product. And which probably don’t have as much sugar and caffeine in them as your product. Your product is not a great necessity in the average person’s shopping basket and people are seeking more interesting tastes instead of your old boring taste. And don’t think your Zero Coca-Cola or other versions are going to save you. Artificial sweeteners are all a failure, when it comes to the  taste test. They taste lousy and chemically. And that is something you can’t do anything about. Your bottled water label–Mount Franklin– is really just that –water. It tastes like water. In other words, it has no taste really. It is only a minority of the public that continue to buy an overpriced water containing product that just contains water and little else.


Pack up your bags Coca-Cola(Amatil) and head out of Australia. We really don’t need you!!

Ettingshausen Snow Job by NEW IDEA

How dumb does the editor at NEW  IDEA  think we the public are?! This magazine is currently running a television advertisement that seems to twist the whole disgusting Ettingshausen adultery affair all around and try to make us sympathetic to this gorilla faced bozo. The whole tone of the advertisement and the loving pictures of Ettingshausen seated below his adoring and slightly sad wife are truly tripple A bulldust. I am surprised she is even talking or wants to be seen with the arrogant womanizer and family breakup artist.

Ettingshausen is 50% of the cause of this disgusting affair with another team member and the other half of the blame goes to the woman of the poor man who was so heartbroken over the realisation of this terrible sneaky affair. The only one who deserves sympathy are the poor victims in this horrible affair and certainly not boof head Ettingshausen. But because Etting hausen is so famous and the other man is a virtual unknown, the New Idea has taken it upon itself to shield and twist the whole experience around and ask us to feel sorry for bonehead Ettingshausen. No way. This is the greatest piece of massive propaganda portrayed in some time by the main stream media, who think they can brainwash the public into forgetting just who was the perpetrator.

It seems the more society gives to these famous people– athletes– the more they take from ordinary other people. Ettingshausen is so much more wealthy than the poor male victim. He has his television show and the many endorsements of products with his boof head emblazoned on them. The question has to be asked–Did Ettingshausen pay the NEW IDEA to come up with this ridiculous angle and treatment on the affair. The more likely answer is she is demented and senile!