It has just been announced (28.9.2013) that Telstra will axe jobs here in Australia and outsource them overseas, probably to an Indian call centre in Mumbai, to handle service calls for the National Broadband Network. This is unbelievable. Telstra should not be allowed to do this and get away with it. They are destroying good, secure jobs here in Australia which can be done here better, in terms of customer satisfaction. Overseas call centres have people who can not pronounce the English language clearly enough. Their accents are too “thick” and Australians, who speak English well, cannot understand these foreign mumblers.

But the biggest criticism of this executive decision is that it is based on petty money savings. There always seems enough money around big private companies to pay for the salaries of the better paid employees, but none for the ordinary workers, whose jobs are axed just to make the yearly profit level look better. And then this profit is then distributed to the shareholders as a dividend. Telstra is doing this simply to save money. Yet it was federal government money, from loans that has financed the creation of the NBN. The federal government and Telstra should be committed to preserving jobs here in this country and not creating them in India or some other Asia cheap labour rate country. There is always enough money to pay for middle management and upper management in these big companies. But when someone wants to gain a bonus by saving the company some money, ordinary workers’ jobs are destroyed. It is not as if Telstra is in the red. It is doing well profit wise. Yet it stabs ordinary workers in the back by destroying their jobs.

This is what big business does all the time, just to save a few miserly dollars. Another variation on this strategy is to bring in foreign workers. Westpac has done it. They sacked workers form their call centre in Austrailia and brought in lower paid workers from overseas. This is what happens when you don’t have a strong union movement to safeguard people’s jobs. They even had the nerve to get the Australian workers to teach the foreigners how to do the job, before they were made redundant. Yet the federal government just does nothing. Westpac was not in dire straights profit wise. Why should one department have its Australian workforce destroyed by penny pinching executives? Usually, the company relocates the whole department to an overseas call centre. But it has the same affect. People, who had secure jobs are sacked and become unemployed in a climate that is had to find another job. Why destroy jobs in the first place. These foreign, cheaper paid workers are allowed into the country on visas authorised by the federal government. The federal government should be trying to maintain existing jobs and not giving them away to temporary visitors on working visas. Both outsourcing and foreign work visas are destroying the jobs of existing Australians and putting them on the unemployment benefit. Is it any wonder, the unemployment rate stays about the same or increases slightly? Both Labor and Liberal parties allow this to happen. Good work—YOU MORONS!!

Any company that that relocates their service department overseas will create customer dissatisfaction and eventually will lose customers and potential new customers. People are not going to put up with such a second rate and lousy customers service department. The number one requirement of a person answering calls is that they can speak English perfectly. These overseas workers can not. Their accents corrupt the language so much, it sounds like a mumble. Obviously, the morons in upper management that thought this idea up did not realise this or take it into account. They were too concerned with the dollar saving on paper. This tactic creates more unemployment in Australia and causes more taxpayers money to be allocated to the unemployed. While big business saves a few dollars to make themselves look better on paper. These foreign workers on visas need to be stopped and Australian workers jobs need to be protected.

This issue was raised while Julia Gillard was prime minister. Nothing effective has been done about it. It should never have been allowed to occur. Is big business secretly plotting with the federal government, both Liberal and Labor, to help businesses reduce its wages bill, on this issue? Or is the federal government just plain stupid and dumb about how to save Australian jobs and reduce unemployment. Most businesses that do this sort of thing are not in financial hardship. They are just greedy. Unless everyone is going to take a pay cut and prices fall, don’t expect ordinary workers to work for reduced wage levels when the rest of the country doesn’t. Even when big business makes astounding profits, it doesn’t use this money to expand its workforce. It uses it to pay dividends to its share holders instead.

Any business that does this sort of thing will create customer dissatisfaction and eventually will lose customers. People are just not going to put up with such pathetic customer service. Foreign workers cannot speak English fluently, nor are they familiar enough with the Australian situation. Whether it is an overseas call centre or one staffed by work-visa foreigners here for a working holiday, the general public are fed up with how they are being treated by big business… Big business thinks people will still stay with them. Well just watch your sales plummet and your long term customers desert you. If you treat the general public like this, just wait and see what your next quarter and subsequent quarter profits are going to look like. They are not going to grow as much. There will be huge numbers of customers’ complaints about service and information because of thick, accented Indians in Mumbai and foreign workers here in Australia, who are incapable of communicating effectively. Why destroy your experienced workforce and replace it with a second rate one?

At a time when all businesses should be trying to maintain employment levels in Australia and increase them, Telstra has the nerve to do this. They, no doubt will distribute an extra dividend to their share holders because of the money they think they have saved. But they would have made more money if they employed Australians, at a decent wage in Australian call centres. There are so mnay languages spoken in Australia that you need people with good English pronunciation abilities to speak to them all, if you want to maximise sales. This is so obvious. The people who thought up this idea of using overseas call centres have not thought the idea through. They only see an immediate dollar saving on paper. They have not considered the losses due to misinformation and customer confusion/dissatisfaction.